Job Interview Basics should be kept in mind while applying

Getting a job is not that easy in these times, the competition out there is so much that there are so many graduates and postgraduates who are unemployed. The main reason is that supply is far more than availability and that increases the competition. So to stand out from the crowd we have to take a little extra effort to increase our chances of selection. These are some job interview or application basics that you should keep in mind-

These are few of some tricks which you can use while applying for a job (Job Interview Baiscs)-

  • Customize your CV- It just take few minutes to actually customize your CV and make it more reliable to the job requirement you are looking for. Remove unnecessary stuff and make it look clean and readable. Keep length short maximum 2 pages not more than that especially if you are fresher.
  • Learning Most Used Skills- Some skills are like mandatory no matter in which organization you are going, like Excel. So keep brushing up that skills and try to become pro in that. These skills can be any common skills related to your stream that you will be using in your daily tasks so keep on learning and brushing up some extra skills they will definitely help.
  • Learn About the Company and Your Job Thoroughly- Learning about the company and job is of utmost important, your 80-90% questions will be related to the work you gonna do and if you how the company work and its basic functions.


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