10 best jobs for commerce grdautes

10 Best Jobs for Commerce Graduates

Commerce is the most common field of study in India, every year lakhs or even crores of students complete their graduation in the commerce field from different universities across India. The field is widely popular because of its diversity in career options and job profiles. Commerce students have tons of opportunities and open roles available for them just after their graduation, which is not in most cases if you are from a science background or arts backgraound. Commerce graduates can help in any kind of routine business of an organization so their demand exists in the corporate world. Here we are going to list down the best jobs for commerce graduates in which there is a promising future along with a good long-term scope.


Best Opportunities/Jobs for Commerce Graduates-

  • Financial Analysts- It is one of the complex field in commerce field where your skill matters, the role of the financial analyst is related to financial models, Return on investments, managing portfolios etc, so it require an extra skill to learn all these concepts but the future in this field is by far the best in commerce. The pay scale for this role is sometime even higher and the inetetview checks all your financial skills so very less candidates ops for this field as it much complex than others. Companies like Tresvista, DE Shaw, etc picks up graduates from different universities and offer them the package which is best in industry.
  • Accounting and Auditing– It is one of the common and demanding field for commerce graduates as this is the core they have studied during their graduation especially for Bcom Graduates and also their are tons of accounts related job available in every organization. Accounting Policies, Audit Policies and Busiess Laws all these require a team where the grdauates can start from basic level and can go up with with their experiences and expertise.
  • Taxation- Another very popular commerce subject where graduates can work without any professional certification. They can work for filing income taxes and related complience for organization. If anyone wants to go advanced level in this than they can master on tax planning their is a huge scope in this field and also the learning the tax laws of other countries can even help you to land in global departments of Big4 and other MNcs.
  • Banking- Although banking sector is more or less related to sales only these days but still candidates with strong accounting skills can apply for some finance openings in some private banks. The experience will boost your CV and will definitely help you to grab much better opportunities in future.
  • Business Development- Business Development is just a fancy word given to sales, so if you think you are sales person who knows how to sell a product than no other profile has a potential like this profile and if you think you are born for selling than you CTC will be much higher than many professionals. People criticize sales due to targets and pressures but the kind of growth and salary a person can achieve in sales is unmatchable. There are incentives, commissions and bonuses through you can even earn double of your CTC. So this field is not charming from outside, but if you have caliber than this can be the best job for you.
  • Manufaturing and Insutry Units– Manufacturing and industrial units hires thousands of grdautes every year for thier adminitrative task and they mostly prefer commerce grdauates as they are already good with inventory and cost accountings processes. Candidates just need to show his dedication in the interview along with some basic accounting skills and you will get hired.
  • Government Jobs– Departments like Revenue, Defence, Forest, etc offers thousands of governemnt jobs every year for grdauates of the country all you require is clear the exam. Commerce graduates have high chances to crack these exams as they are well versed with the processes of accounting and revenues as compared to science and arts candidates sitting for exam.
  • Telecom and BPO- Candidates with good communication skills can go to telecom and BPO service, be as a support executive, chat executive, understanding and solving the queries of customers is a very good skill and with years of experinece you may run your whole team doing the same thing for you.
  • Startups- India is booming with startups and the main requirement of the founders is the dedication to learn. If you think you can impress someone with confidence and caliber than sit for startup interviews. Even if your technical knowledge of subject is zero they may still hire you as all they need is fresh blood full with energy who can work with them to raise their current level.
  • Artist/Speaker- If you think that your personality attracts other and people like listening you than you can go for stage anchoring and show hosting, the field is different but have very good caliber as this is not a common skill that every one is born with. If your subject knowledge is amazing than you can even open a YouTube channel, we all know the craze of YouTube in today’s time.


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